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The information presented on this page should help you determine the type of activity that you may be experiencing. Please realize that this is not to replace an actual confidential consultation with the Eidolon Project should you feel that you are in need of our services.  This page will deal primarily with the indications of a haunting or ghostly presence and not the causes or types of ghosts and hauntings.
   To determine whether or not you may be subject to a haunting we will first address both what a haunting is and what a haunting is not.

   Strange, unexplainable activity that is recurring, usually irregularly, over a period of time and seems to be driven by an unseen interactive presence can indicate an active haunting.  The entity is interactive with the environment  and  is considered to be "intelligent" in that it is capable of involved conscious action, reaction and interaction with the realm of the living. It is obvious that the ghosts of small children, animals and those who had diminished mental faculties while living would have less capabilities for communication than others. Ghosts who have been between realms for a longer period  of time or who have formed alliances with others on their side may have acquired the ability of greater communication and involvement than others. 

   Signs of a haunting are varied and can include any or all of the following: apparitions - including shadows, changes in temperature with no apparent cause, apports (object appearing from nowhere), asports (objects disappearing to nowhere), the movement or relocation of objects, noises, odors, tactile sensations, and intuitive feelings and may be more noticed by children and animals. It is not uncommon for only one person in a household to notice the activity with sheep (open minded individuals) more receptive to the phenomena than goats (skeptics) [the sheep/goat effect is a term used in parapsychology].

   A poltergeist haunting can have any or all of the aforementioned traits but is usually more intense and progressive. It can be difficult to tell the difference between an active ghost and a poltergeist in that a ghost must obviously make its presence known by noises, movement of objects, and other traits that are shared with poltergeists. The EPC believes that all ghosts, if they are making themselves known are displaying poltergeist activity. What separates a ghost haunting from a poltergeist haunting is the severity of the events. Poltergeist hauntings also have additional indications such as unexplained pools of water, disturbing movement of objects, projectile throwing, and in severe cases unexplainable fires can break out. On rare occasions they have been known to cause bodily harm such as scratches, but it is usually not severe. It has been common for people to erroneously translate the German word poltergeist as being "poltern" (to knock)  and "geist" (ghost). This is inaccurate. All ghosts who have gone to the trouble and effort of getting attention are being noisy ghosts. The correct translation of poltergeist comes from the German "polterer" which means to bully, to be unruly, to cause havoc - so a poltergeist is more of a chaotic ghost. There is usually one person who is the focal point [agent] of a poltergeist haunting. Not all poltergeist activity is caused by an incarnate entity. "Poltergeist like" activity is caused by the living and is considered parapsychological or psychical in nature. As poltergeist like activity is not indicative of a haunting, it will be explained elsewhere.

a - Residual Phenomenon. Residual phenomena has over the years been inaccurately called a residual haunting. However, a true haunting is caused by an interactive, intelligent or conscious entity. Residual phenomena is activity that has been etched into the atmosphere, so to speak, of the site where the phenomena is occurring. It is caused by the highly charged atmosphere, usually emotional and often violent or tragic, that occurred at a particular time and place. This wrinkle in the fabric of space-time is played over and over again repeating the event that caused the recording, (a.k.a. stone tape theory). The phenomena is similar to a video tape being played on loop. The actual people involved in the phenomena, just like the actors on the video, are not really there. And just like the actors on the tape, are not able to interact with the observers, thus they are unintelligent and without consciousness. Incidentally, phenomena such as ghost ships are not hauntings in that a physical structure such as The Flying Dutchman never had, or ever will have will have intelligent consciousness, and is therefore residual phenomena.

b - A one time occurrence of noises, apparitions, or other activity that may be considered paranormal in it's nature. Ghostly events that occur only once or twice over a large span of time is not a haunting. Ghosts and spirits can, and occasionally do interact with the living only once or twice. The most common of these types of occurrences is caused by the crisis apparition. This type of sighting is of a person who is either in the throes of dying, or very recently deceased and normally only appear to those who had ties to the one who experiences the apparition.

   It is obvious that a strange noise or two anywhere is perfectly normal and 99% of noises have a rational, earthly explanation, although it may not be apparent. However, recurring and progressive auditory phenomena should be brought to the attention of the EPC as should sounds of voices where no person is present or noises such as footfalls in an empty room or hallway.

c - An apparition of the living. Believe it or not, full body "How do you do..." apparitions of the living are by far more common than those of the deceased. Known as a double or doppleganger, this type of sighting is more psychical than paranormal.

d - An accidental sighting. There are likely more ghosts around us than we are aware of. The majority of the deceased,who made the decision not to go into the light, and therefore remain earthbound of their own accord, exist going about their "lives" without any interest, involvement or interaction with our physical realm. They are rather like people who live on a different continent, they exist, but their daily lives have little if any effect on ours. However if the circumstances are right or there is a glitch in the separation between the ghost realm and ours we may accidentally catch a glimpse of them. They are usually as surprised to see us as we are to see them! It can be difficult to differentiate between a content ghost, as the EPC calls them, and residual phenomena. That is where an expert from the EPC can help. NOTE: These ghost, who usually cohabit a location with the living in a peaceful manner. often make there presence known if the living start making changes to the property. Content ghosts can soon become an active ghost and cause a haunting if disturbed. They are fortunately fairly easy to deal with as they prefer their solitude. Of all of the types of ghosts content ghosts are not, for obvious reasons, well documented.

   Phenomena known as time slips may also account for an accidental sighting of another realm of existence. However, this type of event is again more along the avenues of paraphysical and psychical study rather than an indication of a haunting.

e - The sighting of a spirit, or guardian. The Eidolon Project differentiates between spirits and ghosts. According to our ideology, a soul that has gone into the light has the opportunity to learn, grow and advance. The EPC calls them evolved spirits. These evolved spirits (or evolving spirits, as the progress is continuous) may become guardians (guardian angels for example). A ghost, for whatever reason, be it personal or circumstantial, never makes it to the light . They become earthbound, trapped between the spirit realm where they should be, and the earth realm where they can't be.

   Occasionally an evolved spirit acting as a guide, guardian, helper or protector may make it's presence known. A visitation by one or more spirits is not indicative of a haunting, regardless of frequency. However, the vast majority of the time these spirits remain in the background whereas a ghost in an active haunting is front and center. A presence that is noticed often is indicative of a ghost and subsequently a haunting.

f - A photograph of an orb or multiple orbs. There is usually an earthly rational reason for photographs of orbs. Objects often mistaken for paranormal orbs are usually natural airborne particles such as dust, small insects, pollen, water droplets and animal dander. Orbs are often photographed by digital cameras when flash is utilized. Reflection from the flash off of the object shows up on the CMOS or CCD circuitry of the camera as an orb. Cameras below 6 mp have problems with undeveloped pixles appearing as orbs in photos. The EPC receives numerous photos of orbs each year and unfortunately, the vast majority are explainable. This news is quite disappointing to some. When in doubt, contact us.

g - Psychical phenomena that is caused by a living agent. Often time events occur that closely mimic entity poltergeist  activity. This type of activity is usually caused by someone in the residence or on site and not by a discarnate being. The EPC classifies it as  poltergeistesque phenomena or activity (with the prefix "esque" defined as, in the style or the manner of). The most common caused of poltergeistesque phenomena are RSPK (Recurrent Spontaneous Psychokinesis) and SIPK (Stress Induced Psychokinesis).

h- Any activity caused by... mental or emotional instability, temporal lobe epilepsy,  hallucinations, prescription or recreational drug reactions, sleep disorders or by environmental issues such such as sensitivity to infrasound, electromagnetic fields or carbon monoxide build up. The vast number of cases brought to the attention of the EPC are not due to any of the factors listed above. Again, this is when confidential correspondence with the Eidolon Project will help to establish what is occurring to you and on your property.
Answer the following YES or NO ...
Do you see movements from the corners of your eyes?
Do you hear unexplainable noises?
Are lights or electrical appliances acting on their own?
Do you experience localized cold or hot spots?
Do you suddenly get an uneasy feeling, goose bumps for no apparent reason?
Have you been touched by something invisible?
Have you noticed unexplainable odors or aromas?
Has someone known to you recently passed away?
Have you ever attempted  contact the ghost or spirit realm?
Do you feel uneasy or uncomfortable in certain rooms or locations?

The above are indications of an active entity or haunting.  Please realize that the above are only some of the indications of a haunting.  If you are uncertain, it is best to contact our organization. At the very least the above  may indicate negative energy in the atmosphere, and you may wish to have that removed.

So you think that you are haunted ... now what?
   The first thing is to realize that you are not  dillusional, or losing your senses. On the contrary, you are among many who feel that their property is haunted [according to a 2007 CanWest/Global survey 48% of Canadians believe in spirits and ghosts, and approximately 2,500,000 of us believe that our properties are home to a ghost or two - haunted].  If you suspect that you are subject to a haunting, you should contact the EPC. We are not here to judge but rather to listen and help. There is little that we haven't heard, so you can be frank and open with us. Your anonymity is assured and guaranteed.

   The second thing you should consider is getting in contact with us with your concerns. The staff of the EPC realizes that it can be difficult to approach family, friends and peers with your haunting. Many fear ridicule or  being labeled. Therefore most hauntings go unreported and the victim(s) simply attempt to grin and bear it.  Some even give up their homes in defeat and desperation. Even if it is just to talk to an empathic and sympathetic ear, our years of experience and expertise are here for you. And remember, we are a not-for-profit organization - there are no charges for our services.

   The third thing that you will want to do at this point is to start keeping a record or diary of what is occurring on your premises. A sample of a simple journal can be found here... SAMPLE JOURNAL. This diary should be in a place where it is accessible to anyone who may witness activity.

   Finally, do not over think your situation. Hauntings as a rule are harmless. More often than not it is obsessing about the dilemma that causes the human damage from sleeplessness, stress and worries. Wearing your body, mind and psyche down will only add to your problems. Remember, chances are that there is a reasonable and rational explanation and solution to what is occurring. We will help you by looking for and finding those answers should they exist. As published in our Mission Statement, the EPC searches for the normal before concluding that the paranormal is responsible. We search for the truth.

Sean E. Tritle-Founder of HSP

Thank you for contacting us. We will get back to you as soon as possible
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