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 2012 CASES
 Private Residence in Durant, IA
      This investigation turned out to be one of our most exciting case we've had in a while, it's an old farmhouse built back in the early 1900's, and after the clients started to renovate the property, activity started going crazy! Not really knowing what to expect, we started investigating around 10:00 Pm and didn't know what was about to come! Sean and Jennifer were upstairs in a bedroom that nobody likes to go in doing an EVP session and were asking several questions hoping to get some responses on our recorders. We were doing "knock one for yes and twice for no" questioning session and had intelligent responses for about 20 straight minutes! Later in the evening was what believe to be a really phenomenal piece of video evidence, Sean, Brad and Julie were doing an EVP session in the main dining room, this used to be a bedroom that someone passed away in, one again doing a "knock once for yes and twice for no" session. After several intelligent responses, a wall mounted furnace vent came flying off the wall, needless to say, it scared the hell out of all 3 of us and we captured it on video. We went back to see if we could re-create what had happened with the vent, but could not, there was no way that the vent would just fall over with that much force!
Daniel Arthur's Restaurant in Cedar Rapids, IA
     We arrived at around 8:30 PM at the historic restaurant to lead a group of 11 people for a public ghost hunt. We gave everyone the tour and started investigating around 10:00 PM. What we captured was a full sentence EVP, (Electronic Voice Phenomenon), while we are still analyzing this clip, we know the spirit was saying something about "Boss want money". We will upload this to our EVP section of this website once we get it cleaned up. Another interesting thing that happened was we were down in the basement with a group of 4 people when out of nowhere a spoon flew across the room and hit someone in the leg, after doing a complete search of the basement, we found no other silverware around.
Private Residence in Coggon, IA
     We arrived at the house around 8:30 that evening not knowing what to expect, there were reported claims of seeing full body apparitions, things floating in the air by themselves, footsteps, shadow figures abd voices. After getting everything set up we went lights out around 10:00 and headed into "dead time". About 3 minutes in, Sean caught an EVP, electronic voice phenomenon, of a man saying " Get Out ". You can check this EVP out and others we had captured on this website. As the evening went on, we all had different things happen to us, we were doing a Frank's Box session the kitchen when Brad and Jennifer both got light headed and didn't feel well, as they went into the dining room to rest a minute, both of them heard what sounded like somebody walking upstairs in the hallway with boots on, we went up and found nothing there! As we reviewed the evidence, we didn't capture anything on our video cameras and none of the motion lights were set off.
Muscatine, IA
    After extensive research from the local library, we set out at 9:00 PM to ease the home owners mind about what she had been experiencing. We didn't have much luck, but we did manage to catch a pretty understandable EVP. While Dann and I were talking about 2:45 AM, our digital voice recorder was sitting in the living room, it sounds like something moves the recorder and a couple seconds later you can hear a little girl giggle. We also caught a ball of light in the attic, when you zoom in on it, it looks like it has 2 eyes and a mouth, we tried to re-create it about a dozen times and were unsuccessful.
Central City, IA

   After deciding to bring in two new team members, we decided that this would be a good place for the new recruits to "get their feet wet." We didn't expect to much knowing the history of the house. While in the attic, one of the new recruits, Shawn Roob, caught what appears to be an EVP of a man whistling, it lasted about 20 seconds. One of the reports was the gentleman that passed away in the house was always walking around whistling. The only other thing we caught was another EVP of the word "no", after asking if the spirit wanted us to leave.

Letts, IA
   It was an interesting night. We caught an orb manifest itself in the hallway and fly towards one of our night vision cameras that we had in the living room. We also caught a few interesting EVP's, the first was in the parents bedroom, it sounded like a man, though it didn't sound human, grunting or moaning. The second was caught in the basement, you could hear something say Dann, who was in the basement at the time along with another investigator. The only other thing was in the parents bedroom again, I was asking a question about a previous home-owner that had passed away, and got a spike on our K2 meter, for those who don't know what that is, it's an instrument that goes off when an energy is present. All in all it was a good investigation.

Hopkinton, IA
   Wow, what a night! Some paranormal investigators go months, years, and sometimes a lifetime with ever catching anything on camera, on this particular night, we got lucky. Around 2:22 am, while we we all downstairs monitoring the cameras, we caught a blanket that was draped over some stuff on a bed upstairs actually lift itself up and fell onto the bed! In that same room, called the Green Room, Steve and I were doing an EVP session with the K2 meter, I was asking a series of questions and 5 times in a 15 minute span we received a response with the K2. The K2 meter actually lit up on cue after the question was asked, there was no other energy source around to make the K2 light up like that, coincedence, I don't think so. I'll have more to update in a while, I thought you might like to check out the findings so far. Stay tuned for an update!

Cedar Rapids, IA
   The night started off pretty exciting, we caught a Class A EVP, it said "  Why are you here""""".   That was only 40 seconds into our 15 minute " dead time"  . After a few hours of EVP work in the upstairs bedroom, I heard what thought to be a woman or little girl sigh, that was with my own ear and not the recorder. After reviewing evidence it was confirmed, it was actually the sound of a woman sighing. A couple hours after that we had a recorder running in the crawl space of the attic and again we caught a woman saying "   Ohh!"  . After letting the client know what was found we decided to do a thorough cleansing of the house, thankfully they haven't had any activity since.

Central City, IA
   This was by far our most exciting case to date. About 2 hours in to the investigation while up in the main bedroom, we were doing an EVP session, I asked if the spirit liked us being here, a few seconds later my back started to burn, Jennifer, one of our investigators, came over and lifted my shirt to find 3 scratch marks on my back, the top scratch actually drew blood, guess it didn't like us being there. At 2:29 am, we caught a flashlight fly across the room and almost hit Jennifer in the head, check out the Facebook page to see the video, our night vision cameras caught the whole thing, talk about a close call! Finally, we were doing another EVP session in the most active room in the house, and we received 30 intelligent answers on our K2 meter to questions that were asked, this all happened in 1 hour and 3 minutes, we left the room after I asked the question "   If you want us to leave this room and not come back, I'm gonna need you to light up all 5 lights on the K2 meter."    Right after the question was asked, sure enough, all 5 light lit up and we left the room.

Central City, IA
   We decided to go back to the same house we investigated the week before to see if  could have some more experiences and evidence. Needless to say we achieved what we were after, First we would like to thank Chris and Nick from CBS2 and KGAN for coming along with us. We did catch some video, a bed moved by itself, it was slight but we did catch it. Chris and Nick decided they wanted to try and do an EVP session in one of the bedrooms, they took the K2 meter and a digital voice recorder with them. While upstairs they received several K2 meter spikes while asking questions, I think that made them a little eerie of what we do, Chris didn't want to be left in the room by himself. Later that night, Nick, Jennifer and myself we doing an EVP session in that same bedroom, after we were walking out of the room, something pushed me into Nick from behind, if he wasn't there, I would probably have gone over the bannister rail.

Daniel Arthur's Restaurant, Cedar Rapids, IA
   What a great night we had, along with our investgation team we had 4 people from CBS2/KGAN and 2 investigators from Everyday Paranormal Missouri up to help out. This building is so historic, it's only 1 of the original 6 mansions left standing in Cedar Rapids and it used to be a funeral home! During our research, we found that one of the original funeral home directors actually commited suicide in the attached garage. We believe he is the one who haunts the basement of the building, that's where the embalming sink is still found! We had some excitement, while sitting in one of the old viewing rooms, sitting around a table, 3 chairs started moving, shortly after that a chair completely fell over backwards and hit Chris from KGAN! We also heard what sounded like silverware being slid across a table, after investigating, a butter knife had moved from its original spot to the center of the table! We also had silverware come up missing and a vase of flowers move from one side of the table to the other. We caught some interesting EVP's too. We got footsteps and some tapping sounds along with "Yes" and "Yeah", and a real difinative "Help". During a period of 30 seconds we caught a womans voice say "Get out", 14 seconds after that Jennifer, one of our investigators' grabbed a hand rail, it started to shake, then you hear a woman laughing.All in all I believe it was a very successful investigation. Laurie, one of the partners at the restaurant was so impressed with our findings, that she has given us an open invitation to come back.

Residence in Mechanicsville, IA
   The evening started with some strange things happening before we even got set-up, we were all downstairs going over a few things, when we heard what appeared to be footsteps walking down the hallway upstairs. After we finally got all the equipment in place, it was time to go lights out. During "dead time", we didn't have many personal experiences. James and I were up in the attic early in to the investigation, we heard several odd noises, such as chairs sliding on a bare floor, growling and doorknobs turning, we did catch an EVP up there saying "Hello". Dann and our guest investigator Jesseca were in that same attic a few hours later when they heard footsteps, a door shut, and then something hissing as it moved toward them, needless to say they both got pretty frightened. We saw some curtains move in the main bedroom where it actually backed up one of the claims in there, we tried to debunk it, but couldn't. We also had the TV on in the main bedroom, because we were trying to re-enact a situation with the apparition of a man standing at the foot of the bed, we caught the TV shut off for no apparent reason, after checking several things, there is no way it would have shut off by itself. It was a very successful investigation and would like to go back another time to do a little more invesigating.
2010 CASES

Red Rock Tavern in Fairfield, IA
   Going into this investigation, we didn't really know what to expect, we had a potenetial new member with us who has the abilities of a medium, or clairvoyent, plus we really knew nothing much about the place except that 3 people had died upstairs when there was an apartment there. We arrived at about 7:30 PM, and decided to eat at the resaurant upstairs called Top of the Rock ( Highly Recommended). The restaurant didn't close until 10:00 which left us a little time to get a feel for the place. We finally got cameras set up at about midnight and wanted to do some EVP work, but the bar downstairs was so loud, we had to wait. To make a long story short, we went into full investigation mode at 2:45 AM! Brittany, the medium, hit every aspect right on the money, from the ages of the people to the actual names of them. She could sense when one of the spirits was around and could tell us exactly where it was. Our K2 meter could testify to that, unfortunately we caught nothing on video and nothing on the recorders. We heard several odd things like banging and a few footsteps, but since it wasn't caught on our equipment, it's just another personal experience. On a side note, we did bring Brittany on as a full time member, we are very excited to have her!
Private Residence in Marion, IA
    So evidence review is complete. After going through audio & video, we had a couple evp's, we caught a huge bang on a cupboard which 2 of our investigators who where doing the evp in the kitchen heard it and couldnt debunk the sound, so that was good that we caught it on audio. In the bedroom during an evp session the 2 investigators where sitting on the floor and heard a thump and when they turned on the light they saw a toy laying next to them that they didnt notice before and as we hoped we got the loud thump on the recorder. In the other bedroom we got on audio what sounds like a growl after a question was asked. That was an investigation with alot of personal experiences, Jen got tickled on the leg when she was doing an evp session in the kitchen. Tammy and Jen were in the kitchen again and a stand alone cupboard started shaking and when tryng to debunk it they could not duplicate the sound so that was interesting. During dead time, Sean was in the living room and as he was sitting on the couch he had a gust of wind and something fly by his face, it was strong enough to move his hair but after dead time was over we tried to see if it was just a draft and we discovered that all windows and doors were shut and no heat or air unit was on, so really no reason or explanation to why there would be that big of a gust going by him. Over all it was a good investigation and we hope the clients can be more at ease with what we found.

Wicham House in Council Bluffs, IA
   So first off, we would like to give a big Thank You to Jaime and Trent for your hospitality and letting us come out and investigate this beautiful home.  It was quite a night, and we all had a lot of personal experiences. But after going through evidence we were unable to get anything on video, we did however get a few good recordings.To start the night we always have what we call “dead time”, where we all go into a room by ourselves and in total darkness and sit in silence for 10 to 15 minutes.  During this time we can get a feel for our surroundings and also listen for any sounds that the house might make, for example furnace kicking on and such. Well during our “dead time” one of our investigators where in the master bedroom sitting in a chair taking in his surroundings when he heard the chair next to him move and creek like something or someone just sat down in it. So after our time was up we all came back to base and discussed are findings and re-listened to our recordings where we did in fact hear what he had heard and it was clear as day someone sitting down in the chair next to him. Nothing much more happened for the rest of the members so we separated into groups and started the night. While down in the basement Sean and Rachel were asking simple questions trying to get answers to whom might be with them and they asked for a sign to let them know if anyone was there and sure enough right after that, you hear someone walk around on the floor above them, so they run upstairs to find no one and the other investigators still on the 3rd floor, so no way it was them. During that finding the other group was upstairs in the master bedroom and where experiencing something drain the battery out of the laser we were using with the night vision cameras. They were brand new just put in that night and by the end of their 20 minute evp session they were dead. This laser doesn’t use much battery and should of lasted quite a few investigations, so something had to take the energy from them. After a switch of members we set out for round 2 and during this time we got major activity! While upstairs Sean and Mike were using the K2 meter and asking a series of questions and using certain names of past owners and got a hit on the K2 when asked if “Owen” was with them. It spiked to 3 lights when this was asked and spiked when asked a few more questions. When coming downstairs to rejoin the group they brought what was a really old vase which was an original piece from the very first home owners, it was broken, but in a box so they thought it might be of use later, so they brought it with them and then also asked “ Owen” to join them downstairs. While this was going on Jennifer and Rachel were doing an evp session in the dining room and had quite the experience. During questioning they never had a dull moment. They were constantly hearing noises of banging on things around them and also footsteps walking around the table where they were sitting at. At one point they heard footsteps walk in the room and stop at the head of the table; they believe it was “Jenny”, a previous owner, because every time they said her name something or some noise would be made. So we all came back together for a regroup and to switch around some members.  We set out again for different rooms and had even more happenings during this time. At this point it was getting late but with all the activity we had to keep going. During this time Sean and Mike were in the “old bedroom” which is now used as a laundry room. They were asking questions and it was kind of quiet, when something fell next to Mike’s arm. Too bad we didn’t get that on camera but definitely got it on recording, well the thud it made I should say.  That room gave off a very negative, creepy vibe and none of us could figure out why.  Even the home owners now are leery of it, so not sure what it is but something happened there, you can just feel it! After awhile we rejoined and were discussing all the activity when all of a sudden we heard footsteps right outside of the living room and then come to a stop.  We asked whoever it was to join us in our discussion and it did. We heard footsteps walk right into the room with us and then you could hear the old chair next to Mike squeak, like something was sitting down. We turned on the K2 and asked if it was “Owen” and it spiked and asked a few more questions and brought up the “vase” and if he followed us down because we brought it down and it spiked again. That vase had a special tie to him, that s for sure! After that point it went silent, so we called it a night. In the morning we were packing up and putting our “props” away when Jennifer decided to return the “vase” to the attic she was overcome with gratitude. She described it as once she set the vase down and turned to come back down stairs she had the words “Thank You” just play over and over in her head like it wasn’t something she was thinking but like someone was saying it over and over to her. After she shared this with us we come to a THEORY that with all the tie Owen had with it and the fact that it was found under floor boards in the house that it very well may not have been a vase, it might have been an urn. Owen was the original owner that built the house back in 1888 and might have not wanted to leave his beautiful home. This vase was broken and when examining it, we thought it very well could be and urn. So in theory he might be there, under the floor boards where they found it and happy to be a part of this gorgeous house he once built.  Take it for what you will, like we say it’s just a theory. This house was breathtaking in so many ways and we will all remember it as one of our more interesting investigations.
Private Residence in Cedar Rapids, IA
    We had the priveledge of investing a private residence in Cedar Rapids and came away with some really good findings. While up in the attic during "dead time", we heard footsteps walking around when nobody else was around. We also got a key piece of evidence during an EVP session in the attic, keep in mind that there are reports of children getting locked up there several decades ago, we had a ball sitting on the floor and were asking the children to move it for us, a few seconds later the ball did in fact move and we caught in on our static night vision camera. During the review, we caught a child laughing on our recorder right after the ball moved. Shortly before we caught the laugh, a man was heard saying "I want to play". As we all gathered in the living room and were talking about the video we captured, something in the basement banged on floor under us and it was hard enough that it shook the whole house and actually moved one of our cameras. All in all it was a great investigation, lots of evidence was captured and look forward to our next investigation on February 12th at the historic Farrar Schoolhouse, stay tuned for that!

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